Shopify POS Hardware

Everything You Need to Know

With Shopify POS hardware you have everything you need to run your store like a pro – accept cash, accept credit and debit cards, scan barcodes, print receipts, and much more!



With Shopify POS system it has never been simpler to run your business, accept payments, and keep track of your sales.
The system is easy to use – it is a plug-and-play setup which means that you are ready to prepare your store and sell within a few minutes. You can auto-sync with your Shopify store without any complications. It is a secure system – built with technology that protects you, your store, and your customers. And what is even more important – it is flexible which means you can sell from anywhere your customers are.

In other words, Shopify POS hardware is a hardware that is right for you and your business. It doesn’t really matter whether you sell on-the-go, at a retail store or a combination of both, there is a solution to fit your business needs and requirements. There is a chip and swipe reader that is small and perfect for selling anywhere, tap, chip, and swipe reader which is a wireless reader for selling on-the-go or in-store, and complete kit that includes everything you need to accept credit and debit cards, cash, print receipts, scan items, and much more.

Here is what you can do with Shopify POS:
Is Shopify POS the right solution for your business?

➢ Staff management – With individual PINs, it has never been simpler to track your employee’s sales, as well as, register usage.
➢ Accept payments – You can easily record payments from cash, store credit, external credit card terminals, custom payment methods, and much more.
➢ Allow your customers to pay with their preferred method – With Shopify POS you will enjoy the freedom to accept any form of payment. You can give your customers the option to pay with Android Pay, Apple Pay, gift cards, credit cards, debit cards, and cash.
➢ Stay flexible and adaptable – You can register partial payments or deposits, split tenders between two or more payment types, and much more.
➢ Create staff PINs – You can manage your staff by adding staff PINs and registers as you grow your business. You can set up the PIN codes for all of your staff members and keep track of the orders they receive.
➢ Manage your daily cash flow – You can monitor the cash register adjustments made throughout the workday.

Shopify  POS Business  makes it super easy for you to sell at trade shows, in-store, pop-up stores, and anywhere you will be using multiple staff members and accepting credit and debit cards. If you want to run a retail store or sell in-person, we recommend you to consider the Retail package.

Can I sell with Shopify Point of Sale on more than one iPad?

Charging for extra POS registers seems a little bit unfair, don’t you think? Your business needs change on daily basis and Shopify understands that. You can use Shopify POS on as many iPad devices as you want.

Can I use my current hardware?

Shopify POS supports different third-party hardware. You can check the Support Documentation where you can find a list of hardware that is compatible with the Point of Sale system. Please keep in mind that the model numbers must be a perfect match.

Unlike other POS providers, Shopify doesn’t have fixed-term contracts or agreements which means that you can cancel at any time, however, this rarely happens. If you want, you can start your 14-day free trial and see if Shopify POS is really the right POS solution for your business.


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