Shopify POS software is changing the way entrepreneurs were managing their small business.  In olden day, it was a hard task for merchants to run two successful business-online and physical stores. They were using manual methods to prepare customers profile thus, spending a lot of your time. Also, keeping track of their cash flow and sales was difficult as the entrepreneur had to spend day and night managing the business.

In this era, Shopify point of sale is performing all these tasks simply and accurately. It comes with advanced features which enable you to enhance your resource management automatically. Here are the features:

Accept payments

Payment is an essential task in every small business.  You can install the Shopify software app on your iPad to enable it to accept cards and create custom payment options such as cheques and coins. The good thing with Shopify POS is the ability to accept two or more payment methods in a single transaction.

Inventory management

Shopify software performs an enormous task to track stock count thus enabling you to order the right items and ensure that they are all available in your store at any time. With this, you will reduce theft cases in your store as you will easily compare the number of products sold and the cash in your account.  Also, it can organize your products according to sale, category, season and type and sort them based on price, vendor as well as inventory level.

Customer management

Customers’ profile is crucial in every small business. Shopify software automatically helps you create customer’s profile in every new order they make. You track their history for secure communication. By monitoring their emails or their contacts, it will be easy to inform your customers of an upcoming product or new products in your stores.


This feature enables you to view, analyze and prepare accurate reports for your business. Different reports are essential as you will be able to decide on how to improve your work efficiency and increase sales.

Pricing plan

 Customers will prefer a business that does not overprice its products. With Shopify Software it will be easy to price your products accurately. It can automatically track the buying price of the products and your target profit to determine the selling price.

Final thoughts

A well advanced Shopify POS will lead to success in your business as you will be able to manage a hybrid store in a central point. The Shopify app offers 24/7 support. Hence, you will get help at any time.

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