Running an online business and at the same time, a physical store is a vital idea for small business. Although the online stores are cheap and risky, when executed correctly they become a great way to reach a massive number of audience and create brand awareness. But beyond finding a rental space for your business how you will manage both the online and physical store without losses? Shopify point of sale is your solution. It will enable you to control both stores from a central point. Let’s look at 4 tips for using Shopify POS:

Sync your e-commerce site to your physical store

Managing your sales, data, inventory, and customers’ information in a central point is a crucial task for all small business owners who are running a hybrid store. Shopify has advanced features that enable it to sync your online site and your physical store automatically. By doing this, it will become an easy task to track your sales, manage your employees, inventory as well as customers without a headache.

Install the Shopify POS app in your iPad

By installing point of sale Shopify app, you will enhance the management sales in your store. IPad works best for small business especially during payments because it is flexible and affordable.  All you need is WIFI connection to manage your online store and a card ready to enable you to make a transaction in a secure method using credit and debit cards.

Manage your store in a virtual way

Managing your physical store for 24/7 hours may be difficult. However, Shopify POS will enable you to oversee your activities and at the same time run your online store. With this, it will be easy for you to track orders, sales and also see the product that is performing best in your business. Also, you can monitor your employees’ activities to be able to create their accounts and make payments according to their performance.

Capture customers’ information

Customers have contributed a lot to the success of your business. Thus, having their contact information is crucial as you will keep in touch with them and also make delivery whenever they request. Shopify point of sale software has simplified your task to capture their information as it automatically creates a customer’s profile with each new sale.

Wrapping up

By having these tips, you will be enhancing your management sales and inventory to offer the best service to your customers as they will never miss any item in your store. Also, tracking your employees’ performance will enhance customer service which will lead to an increase in revenue as the customer will come again and again to buy from your store.

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